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What we do

Beta Alg Biotechnology is an academic entrepreneurship and fully committed to develop innovative microalgae-based products and to offer R&D services for cosmetic and food industry in environmentally sense way. State of the art research medium and creative thinking of our researchers are the main strength of the company. 

Our experience and research practices are:
– Encapsulation of bioactive ingredients by electrospinning technology.
– Using astaxanthin in cosmetic formulations.
– Development of transformed and mutagenic microalgae strains.
– Dynamic LED light application for microalgae growth.

Astaxanthin-Red miracle

Astaxanthin is a xanthophyll and naturally synthesized by a green microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. It is considered as the most bioactive antioxidant pigment and economically important for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food industries due to its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

LED light applications in microalgae

The impact of light quality on photosynthesis will directly influence microalgae growth. Although, it is generally blue (420– 470 nm) or red (650–680 nm) light is beneficial to algal cells, most of time it is taxon dependent. Different light spectrum can be the most beneficial spectrum for the algae group to enhance different metabolites in different stage of cell cycle. 

Strain development

There are 2 approaches to improve performance of microalgae as cell factories. The first is to manipulate metabolism of microalgae by physical factors such as light regimes and chemical composition of culture medium. The other approaches are genetic manipulation applied by metabolic engineering or random mutations. Metabolic engineering applications aim to alter metabolic pathways by manipulation of genetic background of microalgae such as knock-out or silencing of targeted genes, overexpression or alien genes transfer through genetic transformation into algae cells.

Electrospinning technology

Electrospinning is considered as a promising renewable energy technology for a sustainable economic growth. It is an efficient fabrication method for one dimensional nanostructured fiber of metal, hydrocarbons, composites ..etc. The investigation in the field of various nanomaterial production have been came into some level of maturation especially after the development of novel and modified electrospinning systems.

Who we are

Dr. Murat Telli

Genetic-Algae Biotechnology

Dr. Gizem Kaleli CAN

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Atalay Çalışan

Chemical Engineering

Gülay Kalmaoğlu

Algae Biotechnology M.Sc.